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Suprise front.jpg



Oomi has a surprise for Yusuf and Isa. Join them as they uncover the surprise! With each beautiful scene written and illustrated by Zaheera Jina, this heart-warming tale shows us how important family is. 

“Yusuf and Isa, I’ve got a surprise for you!” said Oomi.
“New toy! New toy!” Isa shouted.
“Ice-cream for dessert?” asked Yusuf.
“Ice-cream surprise!” Isa shouted.
“No, no,” laughed Oomi. “No new toys and no ice-cream!
Let’s eat our food and then we will see.”

What can the surprise be?

“Here is a gentle and touching tale of familyhood;
that brings joy to the heart...Poet and Author Don Mattera The Five Magic Pebbles

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