The Tower

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the tower by sherren malherbe.jpg

The Tower


Reem is a Syrian refugee who has arrived in London, trying to discover the whereabouts of her
10-year old brother, Adar. Obsessed with history and consumed by her fragmented memories of
home, Reem is also hiding secrets she hopes will never be revealed.

After being placed in a tower block, she befriends Leah; a single mother who has been forced to
leave her expensive South Kensington townhouse. Their unlikely friendship supports them as
they attempt to find their place in a relentless, heaving city, and come to terms with the homes
they left behind.

Both bold and timely, The Tower shows how Reem and Leah’s lives change and intersect in the
wake of individual and communal tragedy, as well as in their struggle to adapt to a rapidly
shifting society.

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