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In an age where divorce is rife and couples are frustrated and miserable, marital issues can no longer be swept aside. Just as an elephant in a room signifies an obvious problem that isn’t being addressed, Aishah Adams sheds light on marital matters which communities across the world would rather not talk about. 

Focusing on the before and after of marriage, The White Elephant provides practical advice that singles should carefully consider before embarking on the marital journey, and supportive guidance once vows have been exchanged.

The White Elephant is a motivational book that highlights the obvious we can no longer ignore.

With the author's personal experiences intertwined with Islamic teachings, The White Elephant is a must-have for anyone looking to settle down and find happiness in this hugely important part of life, rightly referred to as half of one’s deen. 
- Reyhana Ismail (Creative Designer, Rey of Light Design)

The ideas in the book, and the reminders that we must try to live as the best Muslims we can be are very noble. May Allah reward the author for it, and give her success in her endeavours to help others and gain His pleasure.
- Hend Hegazi (Author of Behind Picket Fences)

Aishah Adams carries her wealth of experience – both sweet and bitter – into her writing in The White Elephant. Beautiful gems of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the dialogue, as well as real-life accounts of other sisters who were willing to share their stories of courtship, marriage, divorce, and its aftermath.
- Kaighla White (Writer and Editor, My-Iddah, UK)

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