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DALLAS, TX — June 27th, 2019. DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING has officially launched and released Understand Your Child's Development: For the Muslim Parent or UYCD by Jameela Ho, Irna Fathurrubayah, Weronika Ozpolat, Nabila Ikram, Afshan Mohammed and Hannah Morris.

Summary : By understanding your child’s development you can help to nurture your child’s growth in the six areas of development: thinking and intellect, speech and language, motor skills, physical growth, emotional, and moral development.This is a practical book for the Muslim parent, full of activities to nurture each area of growth. Know what to do, when and how.

Muslim Moms approve alhamdullilah and this is what one had to say:

“I think it’s a great book that we should gift to every new Muslim parents. Because it’s gentle parenting in the light of Islam. With references and very good activities examples. I really enjoyed it.” — Tiah Ahmed, Umm Z & I at the Converted Muslim Mum Blog

To go back to the authors and their purposeful work, writing this book is a continuous charity act for the Muslim ummah on the part of the authors, some of the authors made sure to give us the additional specific reasons for collaborating in this Muslim parenting guide.

1. Why did you decide to co-author UYCD?

“My background is in teaching, so I have a strong interest in child development, parenting, and theories of education. I had just wrapped up developing a project in which mothers and children use household materials to do simple STEM activities together, so I felt this book would be a great extension to that project. In my chapter on gross motor skills, I discuss some of the simple activities that can be done using basic materials.” — Nabila Ikram

“I decided to co-author UYCD because I always wanted to gather and put the knowledge, reflection and experience that I have in my teaching journey in a book so that they will last and hopefully be beneficial for others as well, insha’Allah. Writing is my passion and alhamdulillah, it was such an honor for me to get this chance when sister Jameela Ho took the initiative to make this collaboration project. It also goes without saying that I have been interested in this collaboration writing project since the first time sister Jameela Ho presented the idea because the topic of a child's development is the area that I am keen on and have been working on directly and indirectly in my teaching journey. Besides, I believed that by joining this collaboration it would increase my knowledge and experience in this area through learning from other fellow authors as well. May Allah accept our efforts as sadaqa jariyah. Ameen.” — Irna Fathurrubayah


2. What do you want to achieve with your contribution in this book?

“With my contribution in this book, I would like to add another perspective in the chapter I wrote to make this book a complete guidance for Muslim parents in understanding their child's development.” — Irna Fathurrubayah

“Writing, for me, is a way to contribute to the body of knowledge out there. Even if it is a fiction piece, the writer is lending a voice or thought to the reader. As a teacher, I like to make people think. Therefore, I feel it's natural that I enjoy writing as well, with the purpose of making others reflect, learn, and grow. Additionally, because of the research-based nature of this book, I also learned significantly, which served as a win for me, as well.” — Nabila Ikram

“When I was a student studying teaching, we had to do child development courses. I knew that this information would be very beneficial to parents. I remember thinking that all parents should be doing this course so they would know how to nurture their children. Fast forward a few decades, and I'm still thinking the same thing. But not all Muslim parents will have the opportunity to study child development so I thought, why not bring it to them in an easy to understand format with plenty of activities and base it on Islamic teachings? I have been putting it off because it was such a daunting task so the idea came up to delegate a chapter each to other Muslimah professionals. Alhamdulillah this was more doable and finally 'Understand Your Child's Development' was born.” — Jameela Ho said answering both questions 1 and 2.

Now, please check out more reviews about Understand Your Child’s Development below.

“In my opinion you can never read too many parenting books… Parenting trends and science is changing the way we are with our children all the time. But time and time again scientific research is proving the Sunnah and Quran right every time...Understand Your Child’s Development is not like that (not boring).” — Carla Farhaad, Our Amanahs, Our Futures

All in all, this is a great book and I highly recommend it to all Muslim moms and dads.”— Jess Chaudhry, Raising Muslims Abroad

“UYCD is an amazing resource and a must have for every Muslim parent.”A Ducktrinor Mom

"Muslim parents who want a clear simple understanding on what the holistic developmental nature of children is like in areas and in stages should take a look at this book. As an OT, I find myself explaining the contents of exactly what the authors put together time and time again. Now, alhamdulilah I have a resources I can refer them to insha'Allah which makes it easier for moms and dads. Throughout the book there are also ahadeeth that support the fitrah of children which is essential to remember with Islamic parenting. 'Understand Your Child's Development' would be a good resource for teachers as well in Islamic schools and in teacher workshop trainings."— Sohada Mohamed, Madina Therapy

"What I really like about the book is that it’s packed with psychological theories as well as backed up with Islamic referencing from Hadith and Quran. So the concepts are not purely worldly as in most psychology books, they are correlated with our Islamic beliefs and principles." —Hana Arafa, The Muslim Woman Blog

"I loved the practical examples the authors give in connecting these psychological ideas to Islamic tarbiyah and education. What was most enjoyable was learning from the real life examples from these authors and their experiences in child rearing... If you are looking for a good book connecting Islamic principles and psychology look no further!!" —TeacherMabid

"There are four types of attachment: secure, avoidance, resistant and disorganized. The one to aim for is a secure attachment with your child. A secure attachment is one where you're very responsive to your child's needs and you're affectionate towards them and they are happy to see you." — Author Jameela Ho at Muslim Parenting and Ilma Ed

"I really cannot praise the book enough. It’s a much well needed book for every Muslim parent, regardless of how many children you have and what stage of your parenting journey you are at, whether you have a baby or a teenager. It truly is an excellent book that you simply won’t just read once but come back to it at different stages in your parenting journey. As a mother of 5 , sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to read, but this book was not only an easy read but also very interesting and insightful. Thoroughly recommend it, it’s a must-have book for every Muslim parent." — Let's Learn Mama.

"...if your child is not at the logical reasoning stage then there's no use trying to reason logically with them. Help your child to develop thinking skills through these four stages developed by Piaget." — Author Jameela Ho

"The best about this book is that it tell us the readers as per the scientific technology plus the facts are backed up with a Hadith which literally helps us to analyze that Our Allah has paved a path on how to lead our life without any complications but we get confused with the theories the society gives us and forget the guide which Allah gave us...All in all, this is a great book and I highly recommend it for all Muslim moms and dads. So Mamas and papas thank me later💕."— Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan, Alizehmysoul

“Even though this book is directed toward Muslim parents, I think it will be helpful for teachers, administrators, and anyone who interacts with children on a routine basis because it provides a road map for how children develop. If you are worried that some prior child development knowledge is a prerequisite for reading Understand Your Child’s Development: For the Muslim Parent because the concepts and terms may be over your head, it is not. The information was provided in an informal tone and was accompanied by charts, which made it easier to digest.” — Safa Brown, Black Seedlings

Join us for the book launch and blog tour from 06/27/2019 to 07/01/2019 on social media insha’Allah.

About the authors:

Jameela Ho is a mother and teacher. She is also a PhD candidate researching cognition and learning. She holds a Diploma of Counselling and blogs on the subject of both education and parenting on two separate blogs. ILMA Education (www.ilmaeducation) is where she helps parents nurture their children’s growing mind. Her other blog is Muslim Parenting ( where she helps parents raise their children with the love of Islam.

Irna Fathurrubayah is a teacher, writer and blogger. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics Education where she started her career as an assistant teacher in an Elementary School which for her was the most meaningful experience in understanding children. She currently works as an elementary school teacher. Her interests are in the area of Brain science, Psychology and Digital Citizenship. Besides teaching, she has just started her journey as a freelance writer and author. In her spare time she writes on her personal blog and she is currently working on her Educational website Atfalna Education which will be launched soon.

Weronika Ozpolat trained as a Speech and Language Therapist at De Montfort University and then went on to do postgraduate research in autism and bilingualism at the University of Reading. Now she lives in the South West of England with her husband and homeschools their four young children. Weronika shares information about her multicultural family life on her blog, Multicultural Motherhood, as well as her YouTube channel where she shares information about homeschooling, bilingualism and speech and language issues. She can also be found on social media.

Nabila Ikram obtained her B.A. in Education from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She has worked in a number of educational settings, including the classroom and youth mentorship programs, and has conducted and presented research in multiculturalism and literacy. After starting a family, Nabila’s professional interests took on a more personal feel as she observed her own children’s learning and development. Desiring to stay home with her children, she decided to focus her energy on developing Everlearning Everlasting with a stronger focus on learning as a natural lifelong journey and the importance of family wellness as a mainstay of a rich and valuable education.

Afshan Mohammed is 28 years old and lives in Houston, TX. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition at University of Houston and then her Dietetic Internship, her Master’s degree in Nutrition at Texas Woman’s University. She worked at Texas Children’s Hospital for 4 years with children who have diabetes, until she recently had her baby daughter. Her hobbies include volunteering, reading, taking long walks at the park, and traveling. She takes Islamic Courses in Houston with Sameera Institute.

Hannah Morris is a mum of 5 aged between 5 months and 11 years. She is originally from the UK but currently residing in the Republic of Ireland. She holds Master’s degrees in both Psychological Science and Health Psychology. She has spent many years working in psychiatric hospitals and in residential care facilities for children and adolescence with emotional and behavioral difficulties. She is presently working as a lecturer in Psychology with the Islamic Online University. Hannah has a passion for writing children’s books and is currently working on a series of books that aim to teach children skills such as mindfulness and stress management to nurture their psychological well-being through storytelling and supporting activities. She can be found at where she presents information relating to these books and provides support for parents to learn the skills to work with their children in nurturing the skills taught in the books. 


Understand Your Child's Development: For the Muslim Parent is available on Djarabi Kitabs Publishing's website , Amazon on eBook and paperback formats, and Fofky's Online Book Cafe. Add it to your Goodreads shelf here.


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