#AlhamdulillahForSeries: A Muslim's mini Gratitude Journal

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Alhamdullilah pic.jpg

#AlhamdulillahForSeries: A Muslim's mini Gratitude Journal


A month of helping you and your kids develop an attitude of gratitude in shaa Allah. Because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps scarcity away.

The book has been divided into four main categories:

1: #AlhamdulillahFor BasicNecessities

2: #AlhamdulillahFor TiesThatBind (relationships)

3: #AlhamdulillahFor Islam

4: #AlhamdulillahFor Everything (in general) Since the book is full of handmade watercolor illustrations (7 illustrations for each week and more), it will appeal kids and help them learn and focus on gratitude and positivity in shaa Allaah.


There is a section for each day to write Just ONE Alhamdulillah a day. One thing you were grateful for in a whole day. In the “notes” section at the end of your 31 day list, you can write down what you felt after one month of your Alhamdulillah journey.

Did it improve your perspective on life? Did it help you sleep with a smile? Did it make you say Alhamdulillah more? Did it water your soul and quench the core?

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