Coming Next Year to Djarabi Kitabs Publishing : The Library Clerk’s e-Shop!

th elibrary clerk eShop 10 7 2019.png

A Book Lover’s Must-Have

Summary : Qari D. Fofana aka Kerry by her American friends is a twenty-three year old Ivorian girl living in the United States. Dallas, to be precise. She has a work visa that has expired. Qari is also an introvert and a bookish immigrant whose I-20 has also expired. Her dream job is to work for herself no matter the tax implications and open her own online bookstore; a book-coffee-tea shop, so she can live “the glamorous life” of pajamas-day all week long. However, at times, she feels like her dream is farfetched and only a figment of her own imagination. She marries her landlord, an American-Muslim whom she thinks can sponsor her. However, this backfires. Will she be able to avoid deportation and launch her e-Shop? Read to find out!

The Library Clerk’s e-Shop is set to be released in June 2020 insha’Allah. Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads here.